Upside-Down relaxation

Sit facing a wall, lie back and extend your legs up the wall. Let your arms rest by your sides, palms facing up, and breathe gently, feeling the stretch in the backs of your legs.

Winding down twist

Sit cross- legged on the bed and exhale as you place your right hand on your left knee and left hand on the bed behind your tailbone. Gently twist your torso to the left. Breathe deeply, then return to center and repeat on opposite side.

Child's pose

Sit up comfortably on your heels. Roll your torso forward, bringing your forehead to rest on the bed in front of you. Lower your chest as close to your knees as you can, extending your arms in front of you.

Hold the pose and breathe.

Now that you have relaxed your mind and body, you are ready to go to bed. Make sure you have the most comfortable mattress and pillowcase to ensure a better sleep.

Good sleep habits can also make a big difference

Try to keep the following sleep practices on a consistent basis:

  • Have a sleep schedule. Try to get up and go to bed at the same time, even on the weekends as this helps to regulate your body’s clock and could help you fall asleep faster.
  • Avoid naps on the afternoon if you are having trouble sleeping. These naps might help you through the day, but they might as well stand on your way of a good night sleep.
  • Exercise daily. Vigorous exercise is best, but even light exercise is better than no activity. Exercise at any time of day, but not at the expense of your sleep.
  • Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows. Make sure your mattress is comfortable and supportive. ave comfortable pillows and make the room attractive and inviting for sleep but also free of allergens that might affect you and objects that might cause you to slip or fall if you have to get up.


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